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 Green Bay Remodeling Inc. is a trustworthy company with an excellent track record and expert knowledge across every stage of a project. At Green Bay Remodeling, we offer custom, high-quality solutions by working closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind. We are constantly counted as one of the leading contractors in the Bay Area. The primary goal of our company is to build up, accomplish, and maintain all kinds of projects. Our company proudly accomplishes projects within the budget and given time frame. With outstanding workmanship and knowledgeable experts Green Bay Remodeling Inc is the right choice.

We are made up of a team of highly qualified experts who know all of the latest technologies and industry standards to bring your ideas to life. We design and implement the project, keeping in mind the environmental factors, budgets and specific needs of each client. Contact us today to make your dream home a reality. 

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Free in-house consultation

Our experts will come by and evaluate the project and provide an estimate & timeline.

Step 2

Design / materials

Our team will draw up the design and gather all necessary materials and permits.

Step 3


A principal member of our company is involved in managing your project from start to finish.

Step 4


Project is completed on time, and within budget.

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