My Vision


 Constantly counted as one of the leading contractors, my primary goal is to build up, accomplish, and maintain all kinds of projects as per the set industry norms. Our company proudly accomplishes the projects within budget and given time frame. What makes me a leader in the industry is the operational brilliance and outstanding workmanship we offer with every project. .  


Evaluate the project and give an estimate as well as timzackne


Gather all necessary materials and permits for the design


Project is completed on time and within your budget



Some of what my clients think about the company, the crew and me:

Even though remodeling can take a toll on you, we had a nice relationship with the contractor Zack Ilinetsky and his team. The friendship we established will continue past this time. The project was an extension of the new dining room, a very nice improvement of quality of life! The team knows its work and does a qualified job. They worked hard trying to complete the job in a timely fashion.


zack with family - greenbay remodzackng

“...Zack went out of his way to get me a real 3D so I can actually see what the kitchen would look like...”

zack with customer - greenbay remodzackng

Here at Green Bay Remodeling inc, we take our clients hand in hand trough the entire process, from imagination to design-planning- budgeting permitting- material- construction management all the way to a finished on time & within budget product and a satisfied client.


Before we say hello :-)

We work as a team to accomplish our clients’ needs! Communication is a necessary tool to gain success and have a smooth project timeline. Please don’t hesitate to call/email/text with ANY questions you may have. Thank for you for considering Green Bay Remodeling for your next project!

Best regards,

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