Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is also a popular flooring material often confused with other types like linoleum and laminate flooring. Looking at luxury vinyl tiles and plank is also a go-to when thinking about flooring due to its moist-proof or waterproof abilities and versatility with minimal cost. Its wood plank style is as realistic as the stone style which can look good in your living room or the entire house. If you are shopping for more options and thinking of the best design, we definitely recommend checking both flooring options for optimum results.

Vinyl vs Laminate

Laminate flooring is slightly different from that of vinyl as this kind of flooring contains wood fiberboard underneath the woodgrain, topped with protective material for a smooth finish. Due to this composition, it is vulnerable to humidity and environmental moist. These are normally sold in planks combined together for a more realistic look and feel.

Vinyl vs Linoleum

Linoleum, though it is often labeled as outdated, is the most eco-friendly and durable kind of flooring among the 3 different flooring options. It is made of natural materials and is inexpensive as well. Linoleum is not as water resistant as vinyl, therefore it requires annual coating and waxing to make it last a long time. It is widely used in commercial spaces.

Vinyl Pros and Cons

Most people lean towards vinyl flooring. Not only is it affordable, it has a wide range of designs and attractive textures to fit any space. Vinyl material is waterproof and is also best for bathrooms or laundry rooms as it can keep the space stain-free. Vinyl sheets or planks are best especially for a DIY home or office installation as they are versatile and can withstand humidity.

With all these advantages, drawbacks are also notable for vinyl flooring. Vinyl has been manufactured with toxic chemicals and release of airborne particulates or chemical VOCs is possible. Vinyl flooring is also challenging to repair if scratches or punctures are beginning to form in time. Vinyl makes you achieve the real look of wood or stone, but it is indeed hard to achieve the real feel of those material finishes.

Vinyl or no vinyl flooring, it all depends on what you want to achieve with the space you are working on. Turning your carpeted space to a vinyl flooring can greatly improve air quality and can give a new look.

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