Unique Tiling

After cleaning, decluttering and organizing you may feel like there is something missing and your home still needs a boost. You can go for decor ideas that are simple and less costly, like adding tile accents. Here are some ideas for a home refresh.

Add A Backsplash

Start with the kitchen since it’s a space that is used a lot. Add a backsplash to give it more personality and brighten up the room. A beautiful way to do this is with a glass mosaic tile, the shimmer and shine is perfect for a much-needed sparkle. Installation can be a breeze with the right help. With a little work the tiles make a big impact on a boring kitchen. After completing this task successfully, move on to another project to liven up your house more.

Brighten Areas

For unconventionally shaped kitchen windows a border tile around the window can give that illuminating effect and become a great focal point. You can make a kitchen island more special by adding a tile to it. Adding a tile on the side of the island allows natural light to reflect the tile and improve the atmosphere.

If you finish with extra tiles from these projects create some potholders or coasters to give more character to the kitchen in exciting little details. Everything will look like it belongs together.

Bold Bedroom Accents

The kitchen looks incredibly amazing, but now the other spaces in the home are dull. Start with a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom to make your current accessories stand out and freshen up the room. For rooms lacking in windows that means less views to catch your eye and less natural light. This is another great opportunity to add a bold bright tile to brighten up a room and give it more personality. A metallic tile or a glass tile can make a great accent and can reflect light for a brighter decor.


Concepts that work in one area can give the same beautiful result to other areas and it helps create a consistent flow by tying in elements from other rooms. Tiles can be a go-to look for your next project.

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