Types of Vintage Styles

How would you characterize a vintage home? Each house is unique in different ways, but all pull inspiration from a different time period to add more character to their design. From retro shades and materials to structure components, lots of current home remodels are taking elements from the past. Three kinds of vintage styles are being favored recently: mid-century, farmhouse and industrial.


The key detail in mid-century style is in the structure of the home. Usually, in mid-century homes you find vaulted ceilings with wood beams. If you want to add mid-century style to your design include these components. Commonly the rooms inside mid-century homes are clean and simple with colorful accents in intriguing, uncommon ways.


For farmhouse styles, the mixing of whites or off-whites with warm natural woods is typical. Add wood details with a large cutting board, a reclaimed floor, or shelving.

For cabinets, this style regularly features paneling details that are both useful and gorgeous. For furniture, styles are simple and sturdy with a rare fancier piece that showcases craftsmanship. Rather than a kitchen island, some farmhouse styles bring the table into the kitchen for a bigger wood surface to serve and prep on.


Like mid-century, this style’s details are in the structure of the home. Industrial style centers around uncovered construction materials like steel and bricks bringing these details directly into the aesthetic.

There's a good amount of metal and repurposed wood in the industrial styles and it features a spacious open layout. You can see skillets and kitchen utensils for easy use and this functionality is all part of the design.

Simple touches

When you consider color schemes, paint swatches might be what your first thinking but more importantly is the shade desired for wood elements.

The shades of a room are going to need to balance with the shades of the wood details: cabinets, dividers, beams, etc. For example, mid-century colors in soft blue, turquoise and muted orange, are going to have more vibrancy then industrial shades. The color scheme should be centered around the style of the home.

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