Turn That Empty Garage into the Perfect Space

Have a garage that’s not in use? Transforming your garage space into a utility room is fun. Many homeowners think that their houses should have a garage when most don't use this space for vehicles. With a dash of research and creativity, you can create a genuine space for the family.

Before working your magic into your garage space, it is imperative to note your goals that you want to achieve for your space. You need to decide whether it will be an unconditioned or conditioned space to fit your purpose.

Conditioned entails having the temperature of the room change at a whim to offer the utmost comfort. Adding proper ventilation and heating can make most unconditioned spaces very comfortable throughout all seasons. When creating conditioned spaces, it also entails a new wave of taxes.

Conditioned Versus Unconditioned Space

Working on converting unconditioned space increases the taxable and equity value, especially when converting it into a conditioned space . Always expect tax assessments but don’t let this deter you from making your renovation. Once you have determined the design, functionality and tax assessment for the space, it is time to set your timeline and ideal budget. Before anything else, it is wise to check with your local building department for your intent for renovation.

Garage Conversions

Removing the garage door and replacing a fixed wall is a good way to start. Once done, the space can be a room for the family. Normally, it takes 3-6 weeks for this to be completed considering the securing of permits, framing, insulation and plumbing.

Check out the unique options below:

Indoor Garden/Sunroom

- You can have your favorite plants at home indoors with the right mix of lighting, heating and watering systems.

Home Gym

- The garage is the easiest place to form a gym due to its floor plan for exercise machines or if you are into yoga, yoga mats are great as well.

Kid’s Playroom

- A room where the kids can play to their hearts desire and at the same time keep all the toys in one place.

Your Very Own Music Studio

- Soundproof and with extra layer of insulation, band practices can be kept in the garage until you can be ready for a concert.

Guest House

- Loved ones and extended families coming over to visit? Having an extra room for guests with their own kitchenette, small bath and with the right plumbing and fixtures would be very nice.

Media Room / Home Theater

- Having a media room can clear out your living room. Moving your video games, record player and more can turn the garage into a comfy media lounge.

Home Office / Workspace

- A quiet secluded place for work is ideal for busy lives. Making space for paperwork and big ideas are ideal for busy homeowners.

Most homeowners lead busy lives and they make sure their home projects are done on time and within budget. Bringing in some experts to take care of your garage renovation will make things easier for you and your family - Green Bay Remodeling can help! Call today to set up a free in-house appointment!