Tips for a Popular Vacation Home

Getaway homes are created for relaxation. However, with time has your vacation home lost its sparkle? Did the once cozy vintage features turn into issues during your ski retreat or family gathering? Have your guests’ opinions started to decline with your rental company? If any of these ring true, it's the perfect opportunity for a redesign.

Commonly homeowners turn their second home into a vacation rental when not personally using it. Leasing provides resources that can enable you to add to the home’s value for the future.

Converting a regular space into a dream retreat involves mindful renovations. Here are some redesign ideas that will update your space and boost your rental reviews.

Pick strong, reliable materials

When choosing materials, pick pieces that can stand the test of time, for instance using stone for counters and tiles, or durable hardwood floors. Avoid ornate elements that are valuable, and go for solid, quality options. Invest in premium things like sinks, fixtures and toilets to avoid costly repairs when you’re not in the area.

Keep innovation present yet basic

Preferably, every room needs a TV and the whole house must have access to WiFi. Remember that your family or tenants rather not deal with pages of guidelines to use the AC or other house functions. Look for smart devices that are responsive and that anyone can use.

Bathrooms are major

In a perfect world, each room would have their own restroom in the house. Hot tubs are more favorable than huge spa tubs, although extravagant showers — think steam and dual shower heads — and floor heating are a hit with outdoorsy visitors.

Pick modern yet natural materials that will stay classic and increase the value of your home. In the Pacific Northwest and other well-known excursion spots, styles highlight stone work and local woods like cedar siding that mix into the surroundings. Accentuate the feeling of the area and attempt to capture the environment whenever you can. You want to balance these to make a spot really exceptional.

Reduce energy costs

Typically, in an update many are prone to focus on installing new appliances, odds are they’re just part of what needs a refresh from the past. From energy efficient lighting to intuitive devices that can prep your home when you’re coming, monitoring resources used will make your home more conscious and cozier. For the best outcome, arrange an energy performance assessment to figure out which parts of your home need the most upgrading.

Adapting for more beds

Extended families and larger groups need more room, yet your estate may have space constraints or have to answer to an advisory group to make structural improvements. If you find you don’t have enough bed space, get creative. Making rooms in a basement or front room couches with pullout beds can help accommodate more guests.

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