Things to Consider with Model Kitchens

Issues with Model Kitchens

One problem is that model kitchens are not operational. Obviously, some of them have running water and power, but they are not being used daily like we use our kitchens: pulling on full drawers, tossing keys on the counter, or making big dinners. Sure, any new kitchen is similarly unused, but it's important to understand that these presentations may not work in your home like they do in the store.

The greatest downfall about model kitchens is that so many other individuals who will have the same kitchen in their homes. It’s like wearing the same outfit as a several others at a party or purchasing the same vehicle as all the neighbors on your street.

Another issue can be cabinets. Most model kitchens have standard cupboard sizes. They won’t make maximize the space you have and fit all your things like custom cabinetry would. However, this may not be a concern for you if you’re more focused on the savings versus these limitations.

Tips for Model Kitchens

If you decide the display kitchen is best for your needs and budgets, there are a couple of things you can do to help make your purchase feel uniquely yours.

Sometimes the cupboards are not prefinished, if you can go for a stain or finish that is not the same as the model. Many won’t even think about altering anything, and with a simple color change the same cabinetry can have a whole new look.

Similarly, if you can pick an alternate shade of counters or tiles, it will help differ your kitchen from people who purchase the standard model. This may not matter to you but if so, these are ways to get around wearing the same outfit to the party.

Last Thoughts on Display Kitchens

The value of the materials and craftsmanship will be greater with a custom kitchen design, but the expense of a model kitchen (even with install) will be less. Custom kitchens will last much longer than show kitchens but show kitchens will still last you a long time, look nice, and get the job done. Either option has its advantages, but it’s important to understand which ones work best for your needs.

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