Reinventing Your Minimalist Space

A small living space shouldn't limit you from having everything you need to live comfortably. Finding clever solutions for limited space can even give your imagination a boost.

Loft Beds

Lifting the bed to make way for a sofa underneath can bring back college memories. Coming a long way loft beds have a much more attractive look now. Use a wooden platform that can hold your bed but also looks like a floating loft. Tuck your bed in that small area to get that cozy vibe and free up your floor space.


The door frame walls are easily forgotten but putting up pictures or wall decor can be a great way to utilize that space. Also, you could think about bookshelves. Create built-in shelves around that frame for efficiency. Keeping your magazines and books in that space will minimize clutter.

Ceiling space

Using your ceiling as a storage space can be practical for extra storage if you like a more urban looking design. You can make use of your favorite personal items by hanging them from the ceiling to be displayed as decor. The space above can also help out with bulky items by hanging your snowboards or bicycles.

Getting a Wall

Adding a wall unit in between furniture can help use up any wasted wall space. Getting a large entertainment center can offer you place to put other things like a television, sound system, game consoles, books or even decorations.

Dividing Space

If you have an open floor layout, room dividers are very useful in breaking up the room. Getting separators with shelves looks great and gives you more cubbies to utilize.

Living in a small space doesn't mean you need to be all cramped. Getting your space organized and using clever furniture ideas can give you that dream home without taking out home essentials.

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