Outdoor Shower Design Ideas

Are you outside a lot and looking for great accent for your yard? Nothing can beat an outdoor shower on an active sunny day, especially if you have a pool or recreational area outdoors. Here are 5 tips in building a beautiful and practical outdoor shower.


It is less expensive building your outdoor shower if built near your existing home plumbing and water lines. Reaching out to a trusted professional to help with the installation of the shower's framework is helpful.

The Right Foundation

A concrete slab with a drain is the best foundation for that outdoor shower. Although concrete is the best functionally, you can add tiles, slate or natural stones to enhance the aesthetic.

Showering with privacy

Having a shower in front of your lawn is not secluded at all. You can tuck your shower in a safe location such as the back or side of the house. Consider wide bushes, walls or screens that add coverage but also blend in with the current design of your home.


Outdoor shower lighting is a must for using it at night. As your selecting from a wide variety of outdoor lighting focus on how you feel and what you want it to look like. It can be soft, soothing glowing lights, a fun splash of string lights or even just one strong lamp to match the d├ęcor.

Your Style

Since this is built outdoors, plants can be a fitting addition to your look for this shower area. Flowers or climbing ivy can give it color and accent. Stone walls are great for a naturalist look or try brightly colored walls for more contrast. Choose a concept and then create the best shower experience for you.

An outdoor shower can look amazing and still be highly functional. Use these tips to build a great shower but it really works best if you add your own flare to it.

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