New Look for the Fireplace

Nothing beats the fireplace as the centerpiece in your living room, where everyone can enjoy comfy chairs and great conversations over warm beverages. It gives that undeniable warmth that brings people together. As time passes, every fireplace will need some updating, and here’s some inspo.

Bold Bricks

Previously the trend was neutral fireplaces where that eye-catching focal point gets hidden. Try updating by stripping off the layers of paint on those beautiful bold bricks to give that natural vintage look. It may take time to clean the paint off, but once you seal the bricks, you immediately update the fireplace look without much effort.

Tiles Instead

Since your fireplace is a statement piece, tiling it up can be more exciting. Whether you like, smooth or textured, simple or patterned, it adds a more visually appealing, modern look. Investing a bit more on beautifully designed tiles as a centerpiece is worthwhile. Relatively low maintenance, tiles are easy to wipe off and can maintain their condition for many years.


For a super modern and clean look, drywall can be your best choice for a smooth and simple fireplace design. A floating mantle really can add a minimal, streamlined touch and gives a different depth to your design. The right little shelf details make it tailored for your style.

The Right Mantle

If you are not into completely changing your fireplace, a new mantle is a great modern choice. Choosing the right mantle will depend entirely on the surrounding schemes, but it is best to take into account the function you would like to achieve. Take into consideration the décor and mementos that will go in this space.

It’s never the wrong time to dream of the ideal fireplace and make it a worthy centerpiece and an area you’ll love to gather around.

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