The Luxury Bath You’ve Been Wanting

There is more to bathrooms than just purely functional spaces and it can play multiple roles for various homeowners. Functional and modern baths are now beautifully designed and seen in spas, wellness centers and even technology hubs.

People prefer a spa-like experiences at the comforts of home therefore making luxury baths attractive to homeowners of all kinds - especially in today’s busy world. According to Neil Kelly Design Consultant, Bettina Rasmussen, they have noticed a trend with master bath designs over the last four years.

If you are planning to create a truly lavish space, here are a few tips to help you create that dream space.

Bring in the Light

Regardless of whether it’s natural lighting or accent lights, lighting is essential for that beautiful space. Reading while in the bath or getting ready for the day, accent lights should create that relaxing atmosphere. During the day however, nothing beats natural lighting to bring the outside in and feel the warmth to get you a good day.

Don’t Forget the Toilet

For homeowners who value utmost comfort, select a piece that is elongated with a higher seat for better fit. Other notable features include bidets and toilet flushes with just a wave of your hand, heated toilet seats and many more.

Get the Perfect Vanity

A luxurious bath wouldn't be as perfect without a good mirror. A good mirror, with a good lighting reflection, can give an impression that the room is spacious. Modern mirrors now have integrated LED technology to give ample lighting to the room. Exceptionally shaped vessel sinks and state-of-the-art lines are favored on vanities these days. You can go for porcelain or even format tile solid stone for your countertops.

Make it Rain with the Right Shower

When it comes to showers, you can be as creative as you want to be. State of the art bathroom technology, such as steam showers, digital controls, shower sprays etc., makes showering the highlight of your bathroom time. Curbless showers are popular at spas and sport the modern fixed shower head with an additional hand held shower head as well as seats, digital controls and linear drains. Don’t forget Chromatherapy to your shower experience. This lighting system illuminates the space of your bathroom with colors and hues while giving different effects. For example, red is for stimulation and blue is a great option if you prefer a calming aura.

Store Everything You Need

The bathroom should be your relaxing, zen-like place and having custom cabinets and storage solutions like tilt-out hampers, vanities and electronics charging stations should be tucked into the right places to keep the countertops clutter-free.

Soak in the Perfect Bathtub

As per Rasmussen, homeowners prefer contemporary soaking tubs more than the jetted bathtubs these days. Unique shapes of freestanding tubs are a favorite since it gives a feel of luxury to the room. Spice it up by adding a space for your candles and essential oils and even wine glasses can look good too. Mounting a TV with waterproof speakers in full view from the bathtub or vanity can entertain you with your favorite shows or music.

Heated Floors are the Ultimate Luxury

Heated floors and towel warmers are not only essential but also it gives a more personal touch especially on chilly seasons!

The Latest Technology

Technology, when used properly at home, can do a lot of work for you. Waterproof iPad cases are ideal for controlling smart bathroom technology apps. Apps can control your heated floors, shower head settings, television, waterproof speakers and more.

"Luxury baths will become more and more popular as homeowners continue to seek refuge in their homes from day-to-day stressors," says Rasmussen. "If you’re not sure how to create your own personal sanctuary, start by creating a wish list and developing a budget."

Hiring a team like Green Bay Remodeling will ensure your bathroom renovation is done right, on time and within budget. Call them today to get started!

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