Living like the Rich and Famous

Have you ever seen huge elegant homes and wondered how those rich and famous people keep their homes beautiful and brand new looking? It takes a significant amount of maintenance to keep their homes in pristine condition through all the seasons. Here are some tips for the average home inspired by the lavish property demands of the wealthy.

1. Landscaping

Clean landscaping stands out in a neighborhood and makes a home look more valuable. Clearing out yard debris and trimming plants weekly can make a huge difference. Uprooting dead trees and fertilizing dying grass is important for that quality curb appeal.

2. Plumbing

Nothing says run down like a home whose facilities aren’t running properly. So, sustaining the home should also include plumbing as often as necessary. Checking the flow of water and fixing overflowing toilets or leaking pipes should be done regularly by a professional. Make sure to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter by using them regularly and setting the thermostat.

3. Heat and Air

Living in comfort and style starts with your HVAC system. Scheduling a technician to maintain your HVAC unit will keep it performing at it’s best all year round. Most importantly avoid a system failure in extreme weather by doing specific maintenance for winter.

4. Roofing

A broken-down roof can make a home look old and less appealing. Your roof should be seen by a professional every six months to inspect for damages that expose you to the outside. Roof inspections are also important after the harsh of winter.

These simple maintenance tips can keep you living like the rich and famous. You don’t need constant cleaning and repairs, doing simple routine maintenance makes all the difference in keeping your home looking it’s best all year round.

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