LED Lighting

LED lighting isn't just a fad for the home improvement world, but it is indeed a necessity. Using LED makes you save 75% less energy than your traditional incandescent lights as per the Department of Energy. It is imperative to make that switch now, as the old lights are costing you.

LED lights on in your bedroom 24/7 can offer a lifespan of a whopping 3 years which can sum of to 25 times longer than that of your incandescent light bulbs. It doesn't require too much maintenance than the traditional bulb. Less breakage and does not contain dangerous mercury when shattered.

LED is also safer when stringing up lights without blowing the fuse. If holiday bulbs in the U.S. were switched to LED, a savings of $17 billion a year on lighting cost can be achieved.

LED lights are also cooler than incandescent making them less likely to combust. It also performs better in extreme temperatures. Bigger retail stores use LED light for their freezers and refrigerators while saving on cost and serving its purpose very well.

Globally, using LED can reduce carbon emissions to an estimate of 1,800 tons in the next 20 years considering if all Americans can make that LED switch. What is great about LED today is the wider range of options depending on your preference on the intensity or even the color to dimmable and program-based 'smart' bulbs. Make that switch now and save your money and the ozone.

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