Kitchen For Food Lovers

If you have a passion for dining then the route to your heart is through the kitchen. Regardless of whether you're a beginner cook, a culinary expert or just love to host a good gathering, the kitchen is the place you will gravitate towards.

The kitchen is genuinely the base of the home: it's the place everybody tends to end up. Cooking is an active task but can be a great chance to enjoy each other’s company.

Frequently kitchens are shut off from the remainder of the house, which leaves cooks feeling disengaged. Cutting off of the flow of traffic with a disjointed design is a common area of concern we face during kitchen redesigns.

Here are the best five remodel ideas for the true cook and host.

1. Smooth Flow

The perfect flow of traffic allows a cook to move around the kitchen without running into anyone. This would require being able to smoothly grab something from the fridge, move to the sink to prep it, then to the stove to cook it and finally finish up by serving effortlessly.

It's essential to have the cooking and prep sections close to each other because they are the two most used. Your kitchen should offer a route to pass through apart from the areas that are often in use. A great layout allows you to transfer a hot pot from stove to sink without any dangerous interference.

2. Counter Space

Counter space is crucial for any foodie. To make everything more cohesive leave enough counter space between appliances. Including a second sink is also helpful if more than one person is cooking.

In bigger families it’s common to have three generations working together in the kitchen. Plenty of counter space makes cooking easier and can even bring in more seating.

The typical distance between your counters and cupboards is 18 inches. However, custom designs are perfect if you have bigger appliances like a fancy coffee maker or juicer. A raised counter is a great option for cooks that need to open up the kitchen to another room for extra seating.

3. Plug Planning

For proper safety and efficiency install the right lighting and outlets for your cooking needs. When considering how many sockets you need, figure out which electronics you use less often and which appliances will be left on the countertops at all times. The objective is to have a home layout that’s live able, functional, and easy to get around in.

4. Space Organization

Pretty much every kitchen could be improved with more storage space, particularly homes with open floor plans. Including a pantry or extra cupboards is a simple upgrade for most cooks. It’s also important to consider what shelving solutions you want to be visible. Be honest about how organized and clean you really are. An open cabinet may look incredible on social media but may not be practical for your needs. Maintain a harmony between aesthetic and function.

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