Is your Home Ready for Fall?

It’s crucial for your home to feel comfortable no matter the season. As time goes on, decluttering, cleaning, or rearranging is important to maintaining your home. Giving your space much needed TLC will create a smooth transition as the weather gets colder. Here are 7 ways to make that summer to fall transition like a breeze.

1. Gutter clean up. The rain, heat and mud can leave your gutter full and make for a much bigger mess if ignored. Take time to clean your gutters to prepare for the shedding trees.

2. Heating System check-in. Make sure the furnace and filters are sound, well maintained and clean before the demand of fall arrives.

3. Roof ready. Book a roofer to check your roof and shingles for any tears, leaks or other damage to brace for autumn storms.

4. Get the windows prepped. Check the window seals are working well to keep the heat from escaping on cold nights. Give them a good clean to let in as much of that fleeting sun as possible.

5. Freshen the fireplace. If you plan to make use of an indoor fireplace this fall, don’t forget to give it good cleaning. Chimney blockage can cause major problems.

6. Some new drapes. What a great excuse to change the curtains! Thicker and darker drapes are better at keeping heat inside the house.

7. Warmer touch. New season comes with a new look. Embrace the color of the incoming season. Change brightly colored accent pillows for warmer earth tones in throws or table cloths.

Now that you have everything in order, you are ready to fall into the new season!

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