How Long Can Your Roof Last?

Your roof is the only facet of your home that has to endure a beating from various elements including the roof’s design, the climate, the quality of the installation and the long-term maintenance it receives. How long does your roof last? According to experts, there’s really no magic number. It’s something homeowners have to assess every few years to make sure there’s no damage and is still in good condition.

Most common elements that beat up your roof include pine needles, leaves, moss, algae and wind. Good roof maintenance is needed to extend the life of your roof and a professional consultation from roofing specialists is always best.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

You have always been maintaining your roof but when it starts to leak, the shingles are curled up or aren’t lying flat, when gutters are full or when it lacks ventilation it gets moisty you need to contact your roofing specialists.

Roof replacement is hard labor and normally takes between 3-6 days for intensive demolition. To make sure your roof lasts, tearing the roof off completely and restart building rather than laying over from the existing materials from your old roof is a better option. It is very inconvenient to homeowners however a good roofing contractor makes it easy and comfortable process.

The roofing experts at Green Bay Remodeling can give you an in-house consultation for FREE and let you know what the best course of action is.

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