Give Your Home Love

“Home is where you hang your heart.” Your home is your sanctuary and should be where you feel most comfortable in the world. However, you don’t want to get stuck in the comfort zone and start to feel bored by your surroundings. Here are a few ways you can add to your home and love it even more.

1. The Things You Love

To make you and your guests feel good, show some love to your home by regularly cleaning. Setting aside a day or two in a week should be enough. Tackling one major chore on each cleaning day makes for a simple routine. Once in a while, take time to remove items that are not in use and decide which ones you can discard, donate, or recycle. Good habits make cleaning easier over time and will pay off.

2. Living Things

Plants are natural decor you can add to your living room, kitchen, or anywhere in the home to bring life to your space. Try growing some herbs in the kitchen, adding some ferns or succulents for a fresh breath of air in the house. Plants bring balance and wellness to the home.

3. Your Oasis

Choose your very own nook at home where you feel most relaxed. Transform that little space near the window in the living room or an oversized closet into your special space. Add a comfy chair, plush pillows, fuzzy blankets, and your favorite candles to complete the aesthetic. It’s the perfect spot to read, meditate, or just escape the family for a bit.

4. Creative Space

You have your calming space; now, how about a creative space? The two could even go together. Imagine a place for your inspirations to roam. Fill it with things that drive your creativity: pictures, figurines, books, art supplies, or just items that you find beautiful. Setting aside this space will help you thrive, but it needs to stay organized and clutter-free, so it doesn’t become an eye-sore.

5. Beautiful Moments

Displaying travel photos and precious memories show what makes your life full. Not only could it make for great art, but it also tells the story of you. It’s a great way to share with guests what you love, but it’s also a simple reminder of what makes you happy. You can look at them anytime and remember your joy.

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