DIY Patios

It's gotten easier to install a beautiful deck all on your own. Patio kits now have tiles or stones that mount onto panels for easier installation. You simply lay the panels on sand beds and then seal. There are also plenty of customizable options to make the patio feel like your own.

Stones for porches are available in a variety of shapes and colors. You can create a central porch with walkways branching off of it after you frame the border for the central porch first. For the frames, you can use stone pavers, plastic edging, or wood boards. Make sure to measure the frame to leave the exact space needed for laying the panels.

Next, shovel out about 1" of soil inside of your frame. Put the soil in a safe spot; you may need it later. Lay about three inches of sand inside your frame and pack it down with a tool. A sand layer will keep the stones or tiles from sinking while installing.

Level the sand with two perpendicular boards nailed together. Pull this over the area, and it will smooth out any uneven sand. Fill in any low points with sand and then pull the boards across again. The other option is not to use a frame at all. Skip that part, just dig out the area and lay out the sand directly, then compact. The surrounding dirt or grass will hold in your panels. You will need to dig deeper for a borderless porch, but it lays flush and creates a more seamless look. It's also easier to mow.

After completing the preparation, lay your stones or pavers. You'll need spacers to keep an even gap between each tile. Once set take out your spacers and press in foam backers between the tiles or secure the gaps with sand. You'll need to refill around the completed porch shape with that left-over soil.

Now, when you have a backyard party, your visitors will enjoy hanging out on a beautiful patio. Imagine all the fun times that will make up for all the hard work put into your dream backyard.

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