Creative Solutions for Remodeling

You may think that small or weirdly shaped spaces are inconvenient, but they are a perfect canvas for creative solutions. Innovative projects are often conceived from these limitations.

If you’re trying to make use of odd areas or just want to add a creative flare, read on for remodeling ideas.

Storage for Stairs

There are so many exciting things you can do for spaces under stairs. If the staircase has a side opening, then it can be altered. Customize shelves or drawers to contain miscellaneous objects like stationary supplies, books, or winter coats.

To organize your family further, assign drawers for each person’s random junk. This strategy makes it easier for everyone to tidy up discarded belongings and then that person can quickly find it later and put it away.

If the space is bigger, you can utilize it as workspace under the stairs. Imagine it as a desk, a shoe rack bench, or even a drink cart.

The Chutes

Well-crafted kitchen chutes can make cleaning your kitchen convenient. You can install eco-friendly chutes where you send empty cans, bottles, or boxes straight to your recycling with ease. Imagine a compost chute in your countertop to swiftly sweep food scraps into while cooking.

Chutes can also come in handy for a two-story home when grabbing laundry from upstairs is a daily struggle. Laundry chutes are a simple solution for clothes collecting if you have a larger home. It’s not a complicated addition either. Determining the location of the chute can be a bit difficult but you can find a place for one in a small wall or floor space.

Guest Room Storage

Extra rooms are often empty when you don’t have a lot of guests. You can get more out of this space if you convert it for storage. Wouldn't it be nice to make this room guest-ready and at the same time remove clutter from the rest of the house? You can do this just by adding a platform bed! Lifting the bed up and making way for drawers below is a brilliant idea.

Hidden TV

Some people prefer the TV to be more subtle in a room. Hiding the TV is indeed a challenge, but a popular option is a remote-control lift that brings the tv out of a cabinet, picture frame or mirror. It’s a creative way to hide the TV but is functional at the same time. This also requires concealing cords, entertainment devices, and other inputs. Another option is to blend the TV into a grid of wall art by surrounding it strategically with a photo gallery. Overall, this makes for a sleek look and draws focus to your décor.

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