Budget Bathrooms

The bathroom is a go-to for remodels—everyone dreams of a new, relaxing tub. However, it can be costly and challenging to renovate. Leave the more significant changes like tiling and plumbing to the professionals, but there are a few things you can do to spend less on a bathroom redesign.


Surrounded by old, bold tiles? Don’t just smash them! If you have outdated and brightly colored tiles that are surprisingly still in good shape, consider reglazing them. Reglazing can save some real money, and when done by an expert can seal the grout and last for decades.

Think Before Buying

Looking for longer when buying materials will mean you’re more likely to find a bargain. You may find the exact same tile at half price somewhere else. You could even research buying a surplus supply from a large building company or store .


Moving pipes can be one of the biggest expenses. If you can make the current design work, then just update the materials for an improved look.


You can start with a simple mirror and bring some elegance to it. Add a frame in your style to the mirror to save money. Adding some wood and paint is going to cost you less than a brand-new extravagant vanity mirror. It’s easy enough to do in a weekend and will still be a gorgeous focal piece.

Get Creative

Natural stone is trending right now. Try searching the scraps at stone yards for your project. Commonly you’ll find slabs from a bigger job that are still good for bathroom counters. Getting creative when working on your remodel will be great for your budget.

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