Bring Feng Shui Into Your Home Design

The Chinese art of decorating is called Feng Shui. This style focuses on bringing harmony into the house and even can attract things like money, love, and opportunity. Here's 4 easy creative ideas to bring Feng Shui approved designs into your home.

Purple, Green and Red Elements

Feng Shui is known to influence the mood of those around it. Bring in purples, greens, and reds to attract love and money. However, it's crucial to be naturally favorable of these colors to receive positive effects.

Round Tables

A round dining table promotes love and happiness according to Feng Shui standards. It opens up the flow of communication by letting you see each other while eating. This small change can make a huge difference.


A core value of Feng Shui is to discard unnecessary items to allow room for good vibes to come into the household. Cleansing a space will improve to the feeling of order and positivity. You can save space by having separate storage for the items you don't use as often. Clearing out old items makes an opportunity for new things, like money, love, or peace.

Welcoming Bedroom

The master bedroom is a critical factor in Feng Shui. It needs to look warm and inviting. It should also be cozy and bring joy at first glance. It is your haven, and the design should reflect that.

Feng Shui is not just a design style. It's decorating with a purpose and removing items that do not bring you bliss.

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