Bathroom Tiling is in Demand

More and more tile has become a popular choice for interior design. These trends highlight a classic but modern decor with durability. Adding a strong tile element is sure to make for an innovative bathroom remodel.

Trending Shapes and Materials

No more traditional square tiles. Now it’s reinvented retro geometric tiles for a contemporary chic look. We’ve begun installing more hexagon and round tiles lately. Also making a comeback, subway tiles but now laid in unique designs like chevrons.

Ceramic and glass tiles are being used more for not only their bright beauty but their ease and durability. Preferred colors are neutrals like beige and grey or muted hues for an ageless look. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color for contrast.

Shower Ideas

No longer are we seeing fiberglass shower kits. The trend has changed to neutral stones on shower walls with glass shower panels. Stone has a natural appeal, is durable, and also water absorbent. If you’re not into stone, ceramic or glass are also popular. Try a unique geometric pattern in a dark neutral tile with bright grout. For a more traditional look, neutral tiles with glass accents are an excellent option.

Vanity Area

Make a statement with the vanity backsplash. Try a bolder color tile in an eye-catching pattern or a simple glass tile mosaic for a trendy look. LED mirrors can make the room brighter and seem bigger and enhance the modern look. Create consistency by pulling in colors or shapes from the rest of the bathroom. Eyes go straight to the backsplash! So, invest more in this element to show off your style.

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