A Roomy Tiny Kitchen

Anyone can appreciate the wow factor of a huge, extravagant kitchen. However, let's be honest, the majority of budgets can't bear to demo a space for a larger room. So, here’s a few tips on small room design for kitchens to make a modest space feel huge.


The space should be as adaptable as can be. Since you don't have the advantage of dedicated areas, the space needs to adjust between prepping, cooking, cleaning, and enjoying.

A great idea for adaptability in a tiny kitchen design is utilizing a long table as an island. Imagine a table that can work for both meal prep and, after a good cleaning, for serving the meal. Other helpful features are seating with storage and slide out shelving in cabinets.

Flexible thinking is a must for designing small space solutions, but that’s the perfect chance to dig for a creative answer to your needs. For example, there’s a variety of dividers and shelves out there to help you customize and maximize the cabinet space you do have.


The less spacious kitchen must be adaptable AND versatile. There are numerous options in small work stations or islands on wheels that can move depending on the occasion and will work around your kitchen demands.


Design firms with expertise in small kitchen plans propose that using the right shades to accent the best focal points makes the space look top notch. A good rule is to choose neutral colors with splashes of bold color. Gentler shades are softer on the eye and can convince your brain this is a serene area. Sticking to a monochromatic scheme can be bland and that’s where bold accents can add the most to your room.


Additionally, natural lighting is preferred in a space to help make it feel bigger. When adding other lighting sources use a variety of elements and try not to go with one basic overhead light. Cabinet backlighting highlights counters and brightens dark nooks. Accent cold dark areas with lighting to create a warm, spacious looking, kitchen.

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