7 Ways To Prepare For Spring

The weather is getting warmer, and you may start to feel the need to make changes to welcome the coming months. Spring is a great chance to spend time renovating the inside and outside of your home. These simple tips can help you update your house in preparation for spring.

Kitchen First

It isn't always easy to renovate your kitchen. However, a few simple changes make a big difference. Updating your cabinets is a great place to start. A quick paint job can make worn-out cabinets look brand new. You can also add new hardware for a fresh look. It's a small job that will make the whole kitchen look brighter.

Fresh Floors

Updating the floors will make a significant impact on the whole house. Consider upgrading to wood floors now if you don't have them. If you have wood floors, try a sand and re-stain for a fresh look. Spring is a great time to tackle a flooring project because of the warmer weather. You can leave the windows open so the stain will try faster and to keep the wood dust from settling all over.

Drywall Projects

Spring is also a perfect time to tackle drywall projects. Consider remodeling your basement attic or the den for more living space. The nice weather means it's easier for drywall compounds to dry. Being able to open your windows during this process will speed up the remodeling process.

Room Additions

If you can't remodel an existing room for more living space, then it's time for a full room addition. When you need extra room for guests or family, spring is a great time to start new projects. Walls will need to be knocked down to make a new space, so warmer weather will be less disruptive to the rest of the home. If any challenges occur, you won't be worried about running into the winter season.

Driveway Issues

Due to harsh conditions that the winter brought to your driveway, it may be time to repair the damage. The best time to resurface or redo your driveway is spring. Concrete and asphalt need dry, warm conditions to set properly. So spring is a great time to improve your home's curb appeal.

Spring Colors

The easiest way to get ready for the new season is to bring spring colors into the home. A pop of fresh greens and yellows will light up your living room or bedroom. You could add an accent wall or just use pillows and other d├ęcor to add bright colors to any room. Try bold, vibrant hues or soft pastels to get rid of any winter blues.

Bright Windows

If you can't afford new doors or windows, try a simple paint touch up and new window treatments for inexpensive improvements. Curtains with bright colors or florals can liven up dull windows and bring in more light.

Add a touch of spring style to take your home from drab to fab.

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