7 Decluttering Tips That Might Just Be Handy for You

1. Sorting

Start with deciding which items need keeping or discarding. Gather some boxes. You can use a box for charity, another for recycling, and one for items you wish to keep.

2. Piece by Piece

Decluttering can be overwhelming. You may not know where to start. Begin with one small part of a space like your bedroom closet and dresser. Finish each room thoroughly and then little by little, work your way to bigger rooms like your living room and kitchen. That way, you don't end up with disarray and debris all through the house.

3. Don't hold back

When you look at the items in your clutter, use strong judgment to get past sentimental value, and maintain control. If something is still too painful to get rid of take a photo of it for a memory. Don't hesitate to part with anything you don't like anymore.

4. Selling Junk

If you want to try to make some money out of it, you can consider selling some pieces. You may have to lower expectations on getting back exactly what you paid. If you want to know for sure what they are worth talk to experts like a jeweler or collector. Or you can try to sell unwanted items at swap meets or online.

5. Charity

Charity is an excellent way of sharing your unwanted items with someone who needs it. In organizing a charity pile, make sure it's still desirable and not just trash. Charities need usable items that other people can benefit from receiving.

6. Guilt-Free

It is your home, a precious space, so don't give in to guilt and keep things just because it was a gift or tied to an old memory. If you know something is useless and just collecting dust, it is time to donate or throw out.

7. Storage

For all the items you carefully chose to keep, clever storage solutions are a must. Use decorative or plastic boxes to tuck everything away.

Larger items may need bigger solutions. Reinventing your garage or a loft space is a smart option. If that's not doable, renting storage is helpful. Be creative with storage ideas! Don't forget how important it is that declutter before you start storing anything.

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