6 Tips to a Better Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most visited places at home, where much-needed privacy and sleep happen. Sleeping in itself is close to 60 hours a week spent in your room. Since, you spend a majority of your time here, it should be a happy place for you. Here are a few good ideas to help make it yours.

1. Cover the walls in your style. Your walls can be a canvas for your ideas and personality. Wallpaper has come a long way and now offers trendy colors and patterns to accentuate your walls. It’s easier to change as now most wallpapers are peelable if you want a new look later. If you’re not interested in wallpaper you can add character with color, decals, or décor. Partially-cover or cover everything up, it all depends on your design concept!

2. Revamp old furniture. Old dingy furniture that still works can be repurposed. An old nightstand can still be a beautiful piece if you give it a little twist. Painting it with a bold color can bring it back to life. Same concept works with other bedroom furniture such as lamps, dressers, stools, etc.

3. Look past boring blinds. If you want to brighten your bedroom, your window coverings are a priority. You need privacy but also want natural light. It gives you another chance to express style but can also provide functionality. For example, a window seat with a place for books is a great feature for a bookworm personality. Curtains can be a starting point into creating an aesthetic and can make a variety of statements. Maybe formal pleated curtains for a classy design. Be bright and bold with colors for a fun lively ambiance or use softer shades for a more serene look.

4. Reflect the beauty. If you want your space to look bigger, mirrors are your best friend. Natural and artificial light shining from it can make your room even brighter. Floor length mirrors are great at giving that impression of taller space. Layering mirrors adds even more depth and space. Put up unique mirrors with uniform frames to match the style of the room. Always angle them in such a way that natural light bounces back to get an illuminous room.

5. Organize your life. A cluttered room disturbs your serenity like no other! Downsizing your stuff and getting your things organized can give you peace of mind. Tossing out junk that you don't need and doesn't make you happy is the key. Once you have sorted what you intend to keep, it's time to find a good place for everything. Closet and drawers with dividers and organizers work great. Adding shelves or a bedframe with storage can work too.

6. Color within a palette Choosing a color scheme is as fun as choosing your outfit. Be sure to go for colors you are going to enjoy for a long time. If neutrals are too boring for you go for bold or complementary colors but unexpected color pairings can be fun too. Shades of red and turquoise, or a gray and pale yellow are trending combos. To help you decide you can look for a colorful pillow or accent piece that you love as inspiration for picking colors.

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