5 Focus Areas for Bathroom Remodels

Not sure where to start in a bathroom remodel? You need not despair as your master bathroom dreams are easily achievable and can be broken down into 5 simple areas. Here are upgrades you can focus on.

1. Flooring

If you feel that your floor is looking old and damaged, you should start there and decide what materials you would like to use. You need to find the best solution for you. Say, for example, you decided to go with tiles, there are true challenges here like cutting tiles to cover the sides and edges but other than that, spreading the mortar, adding the tile on top and letting it sit to dry. It is that easy.

For something simpler, laminate flooring might be your choice. With the best laminates these days, it’s hard to tell them apart from a tile. They are indeed easier to apply by peeling off the back sticker and pressing to the floor. Your space will look brand new!

2. Vanity

Eyes are drawn to a vanity in the bathroom, and this is one important but easy part to upgrade. You have plenty of choices to shop for a new one from manufacturers. Easy peasy! However, if you feel that you are happy with the vanity you have now, giving it new paint or fixtures might just do the trick.

3. Toilet

Changing the bathroom throne may seem like a low priority. However, with just a simple water shut off you could upgrade the feel and function of your toilet. This can make all the difference because the look and feel can really stand out against all the other improvements your making. Also, your water bill will thank you for the change.

4. Lighting

Changing your lighting is as an easy but drastic change. It really improves the area and can brighten up a small space. Old fixtures can really date a room if they go unchanged for too long.

5. Paint

If you think about makeovers, the first thing that comes to mind is paint. It instantly gives any room a new look without too much effort. Sometimes, you will end up realizing that a good set of paint colors is all you need to give your bathroom that new look.

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