4 Small Things to Greatly Improve Your Home's Facade

The front of the home is the first welcoming sight that people see when they visit your home. Spending time and money on the inside of the home is equally as important as taking care of the facade if you plan to sell your home. Here are small, easy, inexpensive improvements to your home's facade that will have a major impact.

The Front Door

Investing in a new front door will definitely pay off. Going with a new bold color can give it a splash and make your front door stand out. A new sturdier door can enhance the users experience and even be more efficient on your utilities.

The Garage Door

Another door that takes a lot of space in your home's facade is the garage door. If your old garage door shows signs of damage, rust or discoloration you will need to probably replace it. Getting a new garage door or repairing it can make a huge impact to the curb appeal of your home.


Overtime the gutters and downspouts can be damaged, acquire rust or become heavy with debris which is very noticeable. When your gutters are in poor condition replacing them is very important because these gutters keep the water away from your home's foundation.

Touch ups

Making your home's facade looking new and beautiful does not necessarily mean a full exterior repaint. Touching up areas where paint is wearing off or chipped from the wall, can keep the rest of your paint looking new. Repainting just the trim can give your entire facade a new and fresh look.

These 4 ideas don’t take much money and effort, but it sure does make all the difference in making your home look brand new!

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