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Accessory Dwelling Units (also called Auxiliary Dwelling Units, In-Laws, Secondary Dwelling Units, and may other names) are increasing in popularity and for good reason – they’re an affordable option to construct on your property and they can even become a source of income for you if you decide to rent it out. Of course, it’s not necessary to rent out your ADU, it can also be a perfect option for extended family to stay in, become a guest house, or a studio space. Here at Green Bay Remodeling, we take care of any necessary permits and handle the design and construction for your ADU. Call us today to get started!

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An expert will come by and evaluate the project and provide an estimate & timeline

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Our team will draw up the design and gather all necessary materials and permits

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Construction Management

A principal member of our company is involved in managing your project from start to finish

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Project is completed on time, and within budget

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